Finding the Good Toilet for Your Bathroom

Shopping for a new toilet might not sound that challenging until you start observing at your options. There are several types and styles of toilets, and many newer models include convenient features. To help you find the best toilets of 2017 that fit your budget and your decorating style, we have included the following informative tips in this buying guide.


According to the toilets reviews, there are two main types to consider. Toilets that use water pressure to remove waste from the bowl are the most common and are ideal for larger families. While these toilets can be noisy and priced slightly higher, the ability to effectively flush waste away without clogs can be worth the additional cost. These toilets also require at least 25 pounds of water pressure per square inch to function properly, and this should be considered before you make your final selection.

Gravity feed toilets are quieter than other models and often use less water pressure, which is ideal for smaller living spaces. Gravity feed models can work just as efficiently as toilets that use water pressure, but it should be noted that the price can affect its ability to effectively remove solid waste. There are also vacuum flush models, but most manufacturers have discontinued producing this type toilet due to issues with performance.



The construction of the toilet can vary between different models, and can also affect your decision. Some toilets use a rubber stopper in the tank to prevent the water from continually flowing, but many of the new models feature a durable plastic tower. You also want to be sure that the toilet you choose fits the dimensions in your bathroom, and can be connected easily to the water line. Stainless steel water lines that are flexible are generally recommended over leak prone copper ones with rigid chrome coating and are also easier to maintain. This can help keep your new toilet flushing like new and prevent messy clogs.


The top 5 toilets in 2017 all include a water-saving design that meets federal regulations, and some models also feature dual flush options. This efficient feature lets you choose the amount of water that is released into the bowl depending on whether the waste is liquid or solid. You also want to consider the design of the toilet, and this can include its height. Some of the newer models feature a seat that sits a few inches higher for added comfort, and it also makes it easier to get back up to a standing position. The color and style can also affect your choice, and you want to find a toilet that blends in with the rest of the bathroom décor.


Round toilet bowls are ideal for smaller bathrooms, while elongated models are generally considered more comfortable. These toilet bowls are also designed to prevent odors from escaping, which is always an added benefit. Most toilets also feature a two-piece design that is sturdy and affordable, but it is also harder to keep clean than models with only one piece.

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